A Guide to Bird Behavior, Volume II: In the Wild and at Your Feeder (Stokes Nature Guides)

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This takes energy! What do birds use for fuel? Combine different seeds and see which mixtures get eaten up the fastest. What happens if you mix bird seed in with some suet? Why is bread a poor food for birds? Photographs can help point out individual differences or markings among the same species. Recognizing individual birds can be a boost to your bird studies and it makes observing them even more fun! What birds are on the "Loonie" coin and each of our paper bills?


Which of these birds occur in your area? In what kind of habitat can they be found? What do they eat? Do they all migrate? How many young do they have and where do they nest? Does the male look any different from the female? Have groups of students research a bird of their choice and present their findings to the class. These are fun to do and instructive for all ages. Construct bird wings note differences among species , beaks note variations of beaks adapted to different foods , feet again, a wide variety adapted to varying habitats , using an assortment of materials?

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Study bird beaks. Look in a tool box for common tools that might act like beaks. Do pliers work like finch and cardinal beaks? Gather other beak-like materials. A hummingbird beak is like a straw, suited for sipping nectar; pigeons drink water in an unusual way, also using their beaks like a straw. There are many books available on bird biology, conservation, breeding and wintering habitat, preferred foods, fun and economical ways to create your own bird feeders and so on.

A selection of titles is printed below. Your library will have many more, and may even have audio tapes of bird calls. Comstock, Anna Botsford.

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Handbook of Nature-Study for Teachers and Parents. Dennis, John V. A Complete Guide to Bird Feeding. Revised Edition. Dunn, E. New York: W. New York: Fireside Book. Indispensable as a reference book for teachers, secondary school students and advanced readers. Forsyth, Adrian and Laurel Aziz. Friesen and Sons Ltd. An excellent overview of bird biology for teachers and older students grades 5 to 8 and beyond.


Hickman, Pamela M. Toronto: Kids Can Press Ltd. Text, illustrations and activity ideas are artfully combined. Kress, Stephen W. New York: Golden Press.

  • The Speculum Astronomiae and Its Enigma: Astrology, Theology and Science in Albertus Magnus and his Contemporaries;
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Barker, Margaret A. New York: Harper Resource. Cosgrove, Irene. My Recipes are for the Birds. Grubb, Thomas. Hunken, Jorie. New York: Dorling Kindersley Publishers. Stokes, Donald and Lillian. The Bird Feeder Book. Boston: Little, Brown and Company.

Understanding Bird Behavior and Language

Dunn, John L. Washington, D. Third edition. Godfrey, W.

Seven questions for Don and Lillian Stokes about their new Essential Pocket Guide - BirdWatching

The Birds of Canada, revised edition. National Museum of Natural Sciences, Ottawa. Peterson, Roger Tory. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. Sibley, David Allen. The Sibley Guide to Birds. New York: Alfred A. Atwood, Margaret. For the Birds.

Cole, Joanna. A Bird's Body. New York: William Morrow and Co. Taylor, Kim. Owl See How they Grow. Many wonderful works of fiction involve birds. Check your local library and local bookstore for classics and current titles involving birds. Download our Annual Report. Citizen Science Programs Watching birds is more popular than ever! Research and Conservation Using data from our targeted research initiatives and Citizen Science programs, and in collaboration with conservation partners, our scientists monitor bird population trends, investigate declines, and recommend actions to protect the health of ecosystems we all depend on.

Education Programs at Bird Studies Canada Our educational programs combine bird research, Citizen Science, mentoring opportunities, school programs, public events, and workshops to provide engaging experiences that foster awareness, appreciation, and stewardship of birds and nature.

Support Bird Studies Canada Make a difference and support our research and conservation work. Your Email Address. Stay in touch with Bird Studies Canada Learn about our programs and activities through our newsletter. Support Us!

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Some people like National Geographic because the range maps are on the same page as the bird description, while Peterson's maps are all in the back of the book. Edit: The latest editions of Peterson has both thumbnail maps next to the birds' descriptions for quick reference, as well as larger, more detailed maps as shown in the photo below in the back of the book.

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  7. I also like how categories of voice, similar species, and habitat are bolded and described within the description, making it easier to locate and read. And last, but certainly not least, I believe the Peterson paintings of each bird is superb compared to other field guides.