Couples: How We Make Love Last

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The blueprint for our individual…. Our intellectual capacity, our introversion or extraversion, ou…. Plenty of books offer useful advice on how to get better at making quick-thinking, intuitive choices.

10 Proven Ways to Make Love Last | Psychology Today

But what about more consequential decisions, the…. Finding fulfilment in both love and work is easier than you think. Every couple wants a happy relationship and a meaningful career but how do we balan….

Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required. But remember that decades-long relationships run on the smaller, daily communications about how you feel.

The Best Marriage Books to Read With Your Partner for a Healthy Relationship

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Let each other grow and change. Making love last from adolescence through adulthood requires a healthy sense of each other as evolving individuals.

Arguing Is Good, Too

Map your love. Learn how to make decisions together.

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Josh Klapow advises that couples proactively learn how to make good joint decisions with techniques like setting a goal for the decision to be made, staying on topic, being as specific as possible, and remaining open to compromise. Do small, caring things every day.

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Our teenage fantasies about what a good relationship looks like often involve sweeping romantic gestures and grand passion. Never be afraid to receive counsel from those who are more experienced. Have patience with your significant other and be realistic. There is no shortcut to a successful marriage. It is constant work, communication, self-analysis, listening, self-correction, and observation.

My best advice would be to understand that perfection is a process. First interaction was purely physical attraction. Sherrie was infatuated with his tall dark skin appearance. That day signing our condo lease together was when we realized that this was it.


We were starting a new journey together. We knew that our bond was so strong and that we needed each other more than we thought for whatever life might bring us. A couple years later, we got married.


We like dining and good food. In Summer we jumped into the process.

How to Make a Relationship Last: 5 Secrets Backed by Research

But on closing day, the sellers walked away from our deal leaving us literally homeless. Even though we bounced back slightly by finding another house, we were now forced to live in hotels with two children for 5 weeks. I told him to get my number from the mutual friend and asked how he knew her. We had such a great time.

Everything felt natural. During that time, I underwent lots of dashed hopes, self-esteem drops, and wavering faith. I thank God for using Andy to save my life by supporting and encouraging me to get back up and stay in the game. As a Black male from a poor neighborhood, I knew that things can appear grave, but would change.