Fractals in Molecular Biophysics

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Email Print Share. Genetic Mechanisms Cluster GM supports inventive studies seeking to address the fundamental questions of how genes work, how genes are maintained and inherited, and how genes and genomes change Read More.

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Systems and Synthetic Biology Cluster SSB supports projects to generate understanding of emergent properties of biological systems through integrated theoretical frameworks guided by the laws of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and principles of engineering and computer science Read More.

Molecular Biophysics Cluster MB supports fundamental biophysical and biochemical research projects that address the relationships between structure, dynamics and function in studies of biomolecules and their interactions Read More. See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Gregory Dewey , Hardcover. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information This groundbreaking study examines the wealth of possible applications of fractal geometry to the complex problems of molecular biophysics.

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First, the basicterminology of self-similarity, polymer statistics, renormalization groups, andmultifractality is introduced. Then temporal phenomena.

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One chapter discusses correlations and entropies of sequence data. Another chapter deals with applications of percolation theory: antibody receptorclustering, microdomains in biomembranes, and the hydration of proteins. Thefinal chapter reviews chaos in enzymatic systems.

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  • The chapters constitute almostself-contained reviews, each with an introduction, a summary, and references. The book should be of interest to a broad readership--specialists in fractalscan learn about interesting biological applications, and people familiar withbiochemistry are introduced to the unifying formalism of statistical mechanicsand fractals.

    It is itsgoal to pull together diverse applications and to present a unified expositionhow fractals can be used in molecular biophysics. The book is intended for twoaudiences: the biophysical chemist who is unfamiliar with fractals, and theexpert in fractals who is unfamiliar with biophysical problems. A theme thatruns through the book is the close association of fractals and renormalizationgroup theory, the latter being intimately associated with phase behavior ofpolymers and aggregates.

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    • The key idea is that the fractal approach offers waysof carefully measuring the dimension and scaling properties of various phenomenain order to classify them. Although the first chapter of the booksummarizes fractal concepts in a fairly intuitive way, it is not an elementarytutorial.