Journey into Mystery - 83 - Aug. 1962

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On this episode, we discuss Incredible Hulk and Tales to Astonish We also discuss the events of January George Wallace has been dead for 20 years thank goodness. Theories regarding […].

Sell Comic Books Worth Money: Journey Into Mystery #83-(1962)-1st Thor

On this episode, we discuss Journey into Mystery , featuring the first appearance of occasionally reoccurring Thor villain, Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man. We also discuss the events of December On this episode, we discuss Strange Tales , which includes the first appearance of classic FF villain, The Wizard! We also discuss the events of November , including the introduction of ZIP codes, the first supersonic jet, and Richard Nixon no longer being around to kick. On this episode, we discuss Tales to Astonish , which includes the first appearance of Hank Pym, the Astonishing Antman! Our theme song for […].

Retro Review: Journey Into Mystery #83 (August 1962)

On this episode, we talk about Fantastic Four , which includes the first appearances of Alicia Masters and the Puppetmaster! We also discuss important events of September , including the looming Cuban Missile Crisis and the invention of semi-conductor lasers!

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  • Journey into Mystery - 83 - Aug. 1962.
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  • Journey Into Mystery #83.
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Journey into Mystery 83 Marvel Comics - Aug -

Prisoner of the Reds Journey into mystery 88, Jan. The vengeance of Loki Journey into mystery 89, Jan. The Thunder God and the thug Journey into mystery 90, Mar. Sandu, master of the Supernatural Journey into mystery 92, May The day Loki stole Thor's magic hammer Journey into mystery 93, June Thor and Loki attatck the human race Journey into mystery 95, Aug. The demon duplicators Journey into mystery 96, Sept.

Defying the magic of Mad Merlin Journey into mystery The lava man Tales of Asgard Journey into mystery 98, Nov. The master plan of Mr. The Cobra and Mr. Hyde When Heimdall failed Journey into mystery , July When Magneto strikes Banised from Asgard. Summary: Pull up a seat to the beginning to the epic saga of the Mighty Thor! Series: Epic collection Marvel epic collection. From the critics. Comment Add a Comment.