Magician: Master (The Riftwar Saga, Book 2)

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In the beginning, Pug was a slave for so many years to the Tsurani and that is where he met Laurie.

Magician: Master (Riftwar Saga, Book 2)

It was all so weird and some things were just sad. Everyone were having their own issues in different places. I was hoping for some things that didn't happen but with the time frames I didn't think it would be possible. Either way I enjoy this world of Pug and the gang! View all 13 comments. Jan 28, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy-forgotten-realms , fantasy.

This was a very strong second installment to this series. Pug and his friends have lived 8 years after the faithful moment the two best friends, Tomas and Pug, were separated and faced their very different paths. Tomas was gifted with a magical armor, while Pug was taken to the world of the invaders and after being a slave for a while, was sat on a journey to discover his limits in the magical arts.

The war has been exposing the weaknesses of the royalty and their ranks are not only thinning, but rifts and power struggles are dividing and sowing distrust among the already tired defenders. I felt that the crescendo of the story was very exciting and found the little Ascension drama at the end a bit anticlimactic However, I enjoyed the story as a whole and look forward to the next book:- Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many more wonderful books to come!!!

View all 7 comments. I'm SO happy to realize that my original love of these books in my youth remains as bright in my middle age. Impressive, no? So Much Happens. Pug gets kidnapped in the previous book and sent to an alternate world acr I'm SO happy to realize that my original love of these books in my youth remains as bright in my middle age. Pug gets kidnapped in the previous book and sent to an alternate world across a rift in space and time, spends years as a slave, gets discovered by the powerful mages there as one of their own, gets trained and indoctrinated.

What a change from his past life! But while this is all fondly remembered from before, what becomes a real treat for me is life back at home. Harrowing sailing, intrigue and politics in cities, and 9 years of a long, long war with the peoples across the rift. Unforgettable characters, immense battle, tactics, strategy, and mindblowing magic at all the very best instances.

Oh yeah. But now it's firmly enshrined. We shall see! View all 10 comments. Jan 08, Matthew rated it it was amazing Shelves: , fantasy , favorites , read-more-than-once , series. Still great the second time! I only read the first four the first time around. I plan to read them all now. Warning to readers!

Magician: Master -- book review

Book 1 and 2 really are "book one" of a trilogy. Frequently they are combined into one volume Magician If you only read the first book, this is not a case where you get the complete first part of the story. You really need to read a least the first two before you will be able to tell if this story is for you or not!

View all 5 comments. Lots of plot, very little characterization. In fact, so many potentially highly charged situations are solve Lots of plot, very little characterization. He is probably the most well-rounded character in the second volume.

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I suspect that at some point in book three, he will be happily married off to Princess Anita, who is showing herself to be a remarkably sensible young woman. I look forward also to his altered relationship with Martin Longbow. In many ways, the plot is tied up with a nice bow at the end of book 2 and one wonders if Feist meant to go on writing the series. He has left just enough loose ends to justify a 3rd volume, but it is hardly a cliff-hanger ending that would impel the reader on to the next installment. Praise be to interlibrary loan, which meant that I did not have to pay to read this book!

Riftwar Saga Magician Part 1

View all 3 comments. The previous book left us unsure of the ultimate fates of our heroes.

Magician: Master (Riftwar Saga Series #2)

So, naturally, I was excited to read this one and find out what will happen with them. Magician: Master did not disappoint! It was a fascinating world, filled with strange creatures and bizarre fauna, complex political and social order and powerful magicians. As usual I had major problems with the Tsuranni because of their tradition of keeping slaves.

More than once this caused me to rage against them. But as the book progressed and Pug got more entrenched into their society, I began to see the Tsuranni not as an absolute evil but as people who have never had cause to change their ways. I found Pug's training as a Great One to be strange and enraging at first but soon saw the wisdom of those ways. There was a particular moment during Pug's training that reminded me of another fantasy series - the Wheel of Time.

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And more specifically the visions one has in the Aiel city of Rhuidean. There are of course differences between the two things and one might argue that there's no similarities at all :D A couple of new characters were introduced and along the way they became just as near and dear as the original cast.

Tomas' storyarc was incredibly interesting and equally terrifying. There were times when I wondered if the gentle, courageous boy from Crydee will manage to pull through without becoming a monster. From the flashbacks he got from the armour, I got really curious about the Dragon Lords and I would like to know more about that time of Midkemia's history. All of the characters from the first book showed incredible growth. Perhaps Carline showed the biggest change - from a spoiled princess to a noblewoman worth following.

The same goes for all the children of the Duke of Crydee. The sorcerer Macros the Black played a major role in the events of this book and there were times when I wondered if he is in fact on of the bad guys. The provided explanation did make sense but I would have felt much better had he view spoiler [explained it to both Lyam and the Emperor of the Tsuranni instead of making them think the Midkemians have broken the truce.

In either case the next couple of books promise to be interesting. Good news - 15ish years later I still enjoyed this story. View all 4 comments. Jul 01, Gary rated it it was amazing. Magician: Master sees Pug go from being a slave in the Tsuranuanni Empire, to becoming a great magician of the Assembly, a Great One, by the name of Milamber. It is here that we learn of the intricate fascinating world of Kelewan the Tsurani home world where giant, intelligent insectoid creatures called Cho-Ja reside, as well as six legged bovine creatures called Needra.

Bees are not yellow and black striped but bright red, eagles have yellow bands on their wings, and hawks are purple. Unlike Pug's homeward Midkemia, where the flora and fauna are more like our own. Then there is the Assembly of Magicians or Great Ones. Milamber is to play a large part in creating great changes that will see a climax to the war between Tsurani and the Kingdom.

He has become of the Empire, married to a girl, from Kelewan, Katala. Meanwhile on Midkemia, Thomas has donned the armor, given to him in the cave of the dragon, of the great Dragon Lord, or Valheru, Ashen Shugar. He becomes a mighty warrior, a thing of great power, but causes disconcertion among the Elves of Elvandar, where he lives, who fear the return to domination by the Valheru. This is complicated by the fact that the elf Queen Aglaranna has fallen in love with him.

Series: The Riftwar Cycle, Chronological Order

Arutha must go to Krondor, to get aid from the Kingdom forces, to save Crydee, which is under siege by Tsurani armies. He must rescue Princess Anita and flee the city. Magician : Apprentice takes us into a deeper exploration of two world and sees a dramatic climax for the saga , while giving us material for many more novels. Nov 03, Lena rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy.

Oh hell yes. Violence, betrayal, sex, intrigue, magic, mystery, romance, humor, and bone deep joy. This book flowed. View all 16 comments. Jun 05, Michael Y. Patuwo rated it did not like it. After "Magician: Apprentice", I was hoping that the second half of the Feist's Magician series would deliver closure to the multitude of plot threads that have been constructed in the first half, but as it turned out, I was disappointed.

There are many problems with this book that impede my enjoyment, because every other page of the book seems to make me look up and whisper to myself, "What? How is this reasonable? Why do I have to see this scene?