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Martin expected to consist of seven volumes. It was first published on 16 November in the United Kingdom, although the first United States edition did not follow until February 2, [2] Like its predecessor, A Game of Thrones , it won the Locus Award in for Best Novel and was nominated for the Nebula Award also in for best novel.

A Clash of Kings is also the name of the first expansion to the Game of Thrones board game. A Clash of Kings depicts the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros in civil war , while the Night's Watch mounts a reconnaissance to investigate the mysterious people known as wildlings.

In the Mists of Honor: A Story of Tarth

Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen continues her plan to reconquer the Seven Kingdoms. Two regions attempt to secede from the realm: Robb Stark is declared "King in the North " while Balon Greyjoy declares himself king of the Iron Islands.

The war among these contenders is dubbed the War of the Five Kings. Stannis Baratheon, claiming the throne as Robert's eldest brother and therefore heir, is supported by Melisandre , a foreign priestess who believes Stannis the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, a messianic figure of her faith. Renly has married Margaery Tyrell , the daughter of the wealthy Lord Mace Tyrell, who is supporting Renly's attempt to usurp the throne. Robb sends his mother Catelyn Stark to meet with Renly and Stannis to discuss alliance against Joffrey's family, the Lannisters, but she is unable to reach an agreement with them.

Melisandre uses magic to send a shadow to assassinate Renly; after witnessing Renly's death, Catelyn and Renly's bodyguard Brienne of Tarth flee the scene. Having lost Renly, some of his followers shift their support to Stannis. Whilst jockeying for power against Joffrey's mother, the Queen Regent Cersei , Tyrion improves the defenses of the city.

Learning of Renly's death, and knowing that the Tyrells will not support Stannis, Tyrion sends the crown's treasurer Petyr Baelish to negotiate a marriage alliance between Margaery and Joffrey.

Riots break out in the city due to Joffrey's cruelty and food shortages caused by the ongoing war. Robb Stark wins several victories against the Lannisters while Robb's younger brother Bran Stark rules the Northern stronghold of Winterfell in his absence.

Robb sends his friend Theon Greyjoy , Balon Greyjoy's son, who grew up as a hostage in Winterfell, to negotiate an alliance between the North and Iron Islands. Theon betrays Robb and attacks Winterfell, taking the castle and capturing Bran and his younger brother Rickon. When Bran and Rickon escape, Theon fakes their deaths.

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Believing this ruse, Stark supporters besiege the castle, including a force from the Starks' sometime ally House Bolton. However, the Bolton soldiers turn against the Stark and Greyjoy forces alike, burn Winterfell, slaughter its inhabitants, and take Theon prisoner. Robb's sister Arya Stark is taken north posing as a new recruit for the Night's Watch.

The recruits are attacked by Lannister forces, and the survivors are taken to the gigantic castle of Harrenhal, which is controlled by Joffrey's grandfather Tywin Lannister , and put to work as servants. For saving his life during the attack, a mysterious man named Jaqen H'ghar promises to repay Arya by killing three men of her choice. Arya leverages this offer to help Northern forces retake control of Harrenhal. Jaqen gives Arya a mysterious iron coin and tells her to find him in the foreign city of Braavos if she should ever desire to learn his secrets. Arya soon escapes the castle.

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Stannis Baratheon's army launches assaults on King's Landing by both land and sea in a battle in Blackwater Bay. Under Tyrion's command, the Lannister forces use "wildfire" similar to Greek fire to ignite the bay, and raise a massive chain across its mouth to prevent Stannis' fleet from retreating. Jaime caught a glimpse of the thick blonde bush at the juncture of her thighs as she climbed out.

She was much hairier than his sister.

How the cast of Game of Thrones should really look

Absurdly, he felt his cock stir beneath the bathwater. I had six years on her, yet the wench could look me in the eye. She was a sow in silk, though most sows have bigger teats. When she tried to talk she almost choked on her own tongue. I gave her a rose and told her it was all that she would ever have from me. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne. The consummation of their relationship, as it were, I feel is much more likely to take the form of Jaime knighting Brienne. Any knight can make a knight - and Jaime, whatever else he may be, remains a knight. It would be one of the truest knightly things he could do, knighting her, and of course it makes an official true knight of Brienne.

In the show? Renly for Brienne, Cersei for Jaime. They may well hook up, but again, I doubt they live happily ever after. She made another sound of shock when she realized she was mistaken, for he was not a man at all.

Never Hide Your Light

Instead of legs, sunlight glinted off of green, shimmering scales. The Lannister's lives are interrupted when Joanna Lannister dies in the birthing bed. Her favorite cousin, Lord Selwyn Tarth, comes to Casterly Rock not long after her death and brings with him his son, Galladon, and his daughter, Brienne. It may be conceived as a predetermined future. FATE the development of events outside a persons control regarded as predetermined By a supernatural power. Jaime Lannister is a man not to be crossed.

In charge and feared. He is the boss to many and friend to few. But he knows no matter what comes for him he will see it through as long as his better half is by his side. Instead of chasing her off they invite her on a whirlwind tour of jealousy, drugs, and self-discovery in lieu of the interview she truly seeks with the band's mysterious lead guitarist: Jaime Lannister. Tywin sends Jaime to the far-away island of Tarth after discovering his relationship with Cersei.

In a world of soulmarks, there is a boy called Jon Dayne, a pair of soulmates by the names Galladon and Rhaenys, the mark of a crown buried in roses and a familial connection yet to be discovered. A tourney is held to celebrate the anniversay of Rhaegar Targaryen's victory over those who sought to steal his throne.